Saturday, September 29, 2007

Schedule ready!

Margie has sorted out all the ticks, X's and emails to come up with dates most of which most people should be able to attend. (Now there's a straightforward statement if there ever was one.) They are listed in the Calendar box at lower right, and here in plain text:

  • Oct. 16/Tuesday
  • Oct. 23/Tuesday - EXTRA REHEARSAL
  • Oct. 30/Tuesday
  • Nov. 12/Monday
  • Nov. 21/Wednesday
  • Nov. 27/Tuesday
  • Dec. 4/Tuesday
  • Dec. 18/Tuesday
  • Jan. 2/Wednesday
  • Jan. 29/ Tuesday
  • Feb. 20/Wednesday
  • Feb. 26/Tuesday
  • Mar. 4/Tuesday
  • Mar. 19/Wednesday
  • Apr. 22/Tuesday
  • Apr. 29/Tuesday

All rehearsals will be at St. David's at 6:45-for-7:00 until 8:30 7:15-for-7:30 until 9:00. The next upcoming rehearsal will always show at the top of the Calendar box. As extra rehearsals are scheduled, they'll go there too. See you on the 16th!


Unknown said...

Mutopia has published the complete
Christmas Concerto
arranged for string quartet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rob - just printed the score -great for all those who can't keep track of their music!!!