Friday, March 6, 2009

Conductor's Notes from March 2

This past Monday was all about spicatto again, a pursuit that lasts a musical lifetime! Notes as per last week, with the addition of a couple of new suggestions...

Watch out for gravity! Well it's rather important for general planetary demeanor, it can cause your downbows to become much heavier and more dominant than your upbows. try accenting the upbows to keep them strong.

Keep you bow arm as loose as possible. even in small length strokes, open the elbow and lead with the wrist, to keep the motion controlled and light. Using smaller muscles give you more control and helps to keep your arm relaxed.

Practice the 16th note passages in the Moldau) that are bowed in groups of two without the notes, just with the bow patterns on open strings. Then add the notes and see if you can keep the bow even and the tempo going forward.

For the Capriol 2nd mvt., work on a light, even stroke. Avoid 'wows', that is changes in the bowspeed. Let the audience do the 'wowing'!

We'll be looking at the next two movements of Capriol next practice; you'll be able to get the bowings from the blog in the near future. We'll also have a look at the 'Round Dance'.

Meanwhile, everybody keep you bow straight, and eat lots of leafy green vegetables!!! See you on the 16th.


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