Friday, March 11, 2011

Fisheries Broadcast Theme

In March 2011, the Fisheries Broadcast had been on air on the CBC for 60 years. In celebration, the hosts solicited listeners' interpretations of the theme music - an arrangement of "Feller From Fortune". A draw would be held among contributors for a prize of a real wooden Grand Banks dory! The TSO didn't have much use for a dory, but decided to enter for the fun of it. Erika Merschrod transcribed the melody by ear and printed it out in all clefs for us to peruse, a few hours before rehearsal. With about twenty minutes of practice and some improvisation from the lower strings, we played it into Kathy McKay's recorder, Erika submitted it, and the Broadcast aired it a few days later! Here's the recording:

More Dory Music

(In case of link rot, try that day's podcast: we're at about 18:45.)

An, er, boatload of fun - thanks to Erika, Kathy and Alison for helping to pull it off!

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Anonymous said...

Great job! Too bad we couldn't share the dory!