Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bach for the third violins (Threolas)

The third violins who attended rehearsal on Monday were given a hand
written part for the Bach fugue.
Bach meant to write another part it seems but passed the job on to
Alison's husband Alasdair. I've written it out in Finale Print Music
and I think it's correct. Sunday should see a test drive and I'll run
off copies for everyone and perhaps Heather is going to publish it on
the site as a JPEG.

However, The last 2 bars are missing from my copy. The stalks are
visible and I am assuming the notes are
Bar 1 half note followed by 4 eighth notes Bar 2 One whole note.
Can anyone tell me the pitch of these notes. or confirm that they are
(Bar 1) B BDCB (Bar 2) A ?

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