Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Our final get-together for 2007 was Tuesday; we played our current pieces and finished off with some carols, and we had a dozen or so family members and friends along to share our good times with. And the tea and biscuits afterwards was marvelous as well! Alison thanks all for her lovely gift-bag and wishes us a Merry Christmas. Have a harmonious holiday, everyone, and we'll see you all on January 2.


Margie said...

Wanted to comment on what a wonderful fall of music we have had together (to use Erika's word it has been delicious).
Tuesday evening was a delight - we missed you Kathy and Donna(hope you are both on the road to recovery), Faiza, Mahlodi,and Gemma -
Thanks to John Duff for setting out the goodies, tea and coffee - he was even seen with the vacuum cleaner before all had arrived! He's a keeper, Viola.
Anne - we all want your recipe. Thanks to all for the yummy treats.
We missed you Heather, but glad to see you when you arrived.
Thanks to Allister for filling in the blank spots.
How delighted I was when Alison introduced our group to the assembled family members and even talked about each piece, the composer and his influences - having seen her do the same prior to her professional performances, I was moved by the sense of respect for our amateur group as well as audience members. Thank you Alison.
Wishing all a very Merry Christmas - and looking forward to the 2nd of January.

Anonymous said...

I agree absolutely with what Margie has said. I cannot believe how much our sound has improved under Alison's friendly, funny, but oh so musical! guidance.
I'd like to thank Heather for setting up and running this blog. I know you are very busy Heather but I hope you can stay with it as its very helpful. Merry Christmas everyone and see you January 2 barring bad weather!