Sunday, January 13, 2008

Extra Practice

Tomorrow night, January 14th 7:30pm, we have a "fill-in" practice for those wanting more basic note- and bow-work. Next full practice is slated for the 29th.


Anonymous said...

The extra practice was a "workout" for sure!!
Three first, two seconds, one viola and 3 cellos -
Looked at small sections of the first part of the Mozart - it was akin to a private lesson from Alison - thanks Alison for all your encouragement, humor and tips.
I know we have all taken them home with us and will practice, practice, practice.

Anonymous said...

It was the Haydn piece not the Mozart!!!

Elaine Fine said...

If you send me an email address

(send it to elainefine AT gmail DOT com), I can send you PDF files for a bunch of arrangements that would be perfect for your group. They even have a really, really, really easy extra second violin parts for pure beginners.