Tuesday, February 17, 2009

TSO practice Feb 16, info for first violinists

First of all, no worries about bowings for now, Alison will decide on bowings for each section within the next little while.

We practiced mainly the Country Wedding from "The Moldau", as technique practice we focused on spiccato bowing. For spiccato just remember to stay in the balanced part of the bow and to keep the length of the bowing relatively short and of course come off the string to get the spiccato sound ;-) (shallow bowl motion instead of straight motion for regular bowing on string). For the country wedding the important aspects are the dynamics (really loud forte and really low piano) and that the 1/16th notes that are not spiccato are played seamless (for example in bar 6). Important theme to work on is the one appearing in bar 9 and again in bar 17 and bar 33, big difference between sfz and piano! However, there is no decision made yet on how we will bow that part.

We also looked at the Schubert for a bit, thing to remember here is that at C the tempo is slower (poco meno mosso) and then goes back to the original tempo at G.

I assume everybody has the bowings for the Mozart "Ave verum corpus" and the Basse-Danse from the Capriol. If not, let me know and I will post those.

That's it for this week,


Anonymous said...

Thanks Katrin for your notes - I will now translate to second violin I hope.
The mind holds onto some of Alison's suggestions but not all!!

Anonymous said...

Good to see the site active again with comments. Like Margie, I'm grateful for the notes Katrin and I subscribe to everything Margie just wrote. It is so good to see new people joining the orchestra though the year. It is such a fun, non-threatening experience.