Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Our conductor, Alison Black, has recorded a contemporary classical CD with George Morgan, of his compositions: Knockturns, for violin and piano. George was interviewed by Angela Antle on the Weekend Arts Magazine last Sunday, and the interview ought to soon appear is now posted on the Liner Notes webpage. Congratulations!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Alison - and George. I have heard George perform several times and have always found him to be quite interesting/entertaining. I have not however, heard him perform classical music. I'll have to keep my eyes/ears open for this CD.

On another note - just wondering if this might be the forum to suggest possible music selections for the orchestra? I know Alison was suggesting some pieces last night. I thought that maybe this blog might be a good venue for that as well. Comments!
Also, are we strictly looking at classical music or are other types of music welcome.


Tenacious String Orchestra said...

Re: suggestions: Sure, Kathy, I'll start a new post to keep all the comments together.

Anonymous said...

Just had a note about Alison and George's performance at the Petro Canada Hall on November 18th.
Looks like one not to miss.