Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Last rehearsal before performance

Thursday is our first performance of the year! Alison says we sound great, so who are we to argue? We spent most of Tuesday evening attacking the trickiest bits of both the Corelli and the Schubert, which seem to be different for all the different sections!

Schubert: The form of the Schubert is A, A, B, B, C, C, D, D, A, B. The second time the first half of the Trio is played (part C in my form notation) it should be pianissimo. The two four-bar phrases that cover bars 45-48 and 49-52 (they begin part D) should crescendo and decrescendo slightly over the four bars. There will be a slight lift at the end of bar 56: watch for it!

Corelli: make sure dynamic differences are quite clear: make the pianos piano and the fortes really forte! During the fugue from bars 48 to 54, save your down-bows so as not to end up stuck at the tip. There may be a ritardando at the end, again, watch Alison for instructions.

Alison also handed out "Rondo in G" by Mozart. We played through that a couple of times, and will do so again next time. We'll also work on trills.

On Thursday, players are welcome to come to the dinner as well, free to all guests; it starts at 6:00. Several of us will be there a bit early to get the chairs and stands (bring your own!) and to warm up. We are second on the after-dinner program, so we're likely to be on at sevenish. To wear: black bottoms and coloured tops for everyone.


Anonymous said...

First Gig!!!
Thanks Kathy for giving us the opportunity to play at the dinner - and of course those at the dinner willing to listen!
Altho' many of us felt a wee bit of trepidation over the thought of "performing", all I spoke to after were excited - Erika thought we sounded "delicious". Thanks Erika.
A dancing conductor filled with enthusaism and patience, how can we go wrong?
Thanks Alison

Anonymous said...

My violin playing experience was with my elementary and then high school orchestras. I never thought I would have the opportunity to play again once I graduated from school. So playing with this group has been absolutely wonderful. It was a lot of fun to perform again. Thanks to all involved.


Anonymous said...

The "gig" was just so much fun. Thank you Kathy and the congregation of St. David's church. Thanks Heather for this setting up this site and doing the reports and especially thanks to Alison for being such an enthusiastic and supportive conductor. It was a childhood dream to play in an orchestra some day and I never thought it could ever happen. This is such a great group to play with.
Onward and upward folks!!