Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Meeting notes

  • Since the Suzuki Concerto Class rehearses in the church sanctuary on Tuesdays and doesn't finish until 7:00, we voted to move all future rehearsals to 7:30 (be there to tune up at 7:15) until 9:00, to allow for the changeover. If you forget and get there early, put your ear up against the door to hear the teen orchestra do their thing, because they sound incredible.
  • We've been invited to play at a dinner at St. David's on November 1st, and there are enough people available so that we have accepted. It's a free dinner hosted by the women's groups and attended by the congregation and guests to welcome the new minister Rev. Jonathan Dent, and there will be a variety of entertainment. It starts at 6:00 in the church hall; we ought to be there a bit early to get organized. We'll play Corelli's Vivace and the Schubert. Players are welcome to the meal as well, of course!
  • To make sure we're ready to perform, there will be an extra rehearsal next Tuesday, October 23 at 7:15-for-7:30.
  • Erin has kindly volunteered to serve as music librarian: if you have lost your music or have missed the rehearsal when it was given out, e-mail her with your polite request and she'll get a copy to you. Abuse this privilege at your peril!

Has anyone spotted a YouTube or other rendition of the Schubert online, free to listen to? if so, please post a comment with the link!


Anonymous said...

This is such a useful site. Thank you Heather. You have reminded me of a bunch of musical refinements which I would probably have forgotten by next week.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the exact name of the Schubert - don't think just "allegro" will cut it if trying to track it down on CD/Youtube etc.!!
Terrific summary of the evening, Heather, thanks -

Anonymous said...

That was my problem! I did search through Schubert's works but didn't see anything familiar in C major, so I bet it's part of something else.